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luz saude
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"A formação é o mais importante dentro de um hospital. Só assim conseguimos atingir uma peformance de excelência, uma maior qualidade de cuidados e para responder às necessidades dos doentes."


Diretora de Formação, Desenvolvimento e Inovação Luz Saúde

Get closer

UpEvents is all you need to get closer to your participants

Unify all your events in one place.

Your UpEvents is home for all your team's events.

Cardiology Simposium
Cardiac ultrasonography workshop

Participants, teammates and friends.

UpEvents integrates with facebook, allowing your participants to know which teammates or friends are attending each event.

Effective interaction

We have put interface design first. Participants will notice.

Flawless registration

With each event’s configuration, UpEvents builds registration forms automatically. Through a simple form, users can register easily opting for the most convenient payment method.

Faster interaction, more sales

We’ve worked to ensure participants spend less time to complete the event’s registration.

We take challenges

Managing an event with thousands of participants and hundreds of sessions? With unparalleled flexibility and customization, UpEvents was tailored for you.

Novel Generation Antibiotics
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We only charge per registration

No agreements

Pay only for each successful registration. Without fixed costs, UpEvents scales with your events.

No withdrawal charges

Withdraw funds to your bank account, whenever you want without extra fees.

Pass on fees to the participant or absorb them

In each event, you can choose to absorb or pass on the registration fees.

Fees absorbed by you, per registration
Fee payed by the participant
Ticket price
Buyer revenue

Control, in real time

Monitor the status of your event in real time, anywhere
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Certificates issuance and public database

UpEvents issues certificates after each event, storing them in a public database, in compliance with the law.

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Simplified logistics

Less repetition, more automation.


On the event day, UpEvents becomes your check-in application. It only takes a computer or mobile device with a browser and a camera.


Tickets with all the data are issued and sent on-the-fly.


The UpEvents is integrated with multiple billing software. This integration allows complete automation of the process of issuing and sending invoices. In the end, sales are recorded in your preferred billing software.

we are extending our network of integrations, give us your opinion about the next.

John Doe

Events without borders

All 28 Member States of the European Union are supported

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Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Liechtenstein Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
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Photography Workshop

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