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    • How can I pay the UpEvents?
      Caso escolha tranferir as taxas para os participantes, a taxa UpEvents é cobrada diretamente ao participante.
      Caso pretenda assegurar as taxas, estas ser-lhe-ão debitadas automaticamente da sua carteira UpEvents.
    • How will I receive invoices UpEvents?
      The commissions charged are billed to the Subscriber on a monthly basis and will be delivered via email. It is recalled that, should you choose to transfer the commissions to the participant, the institution will receive the invoices relating to commissions, but these will have no implication on the balance of your portfolio UpEvents.
    • Where are the recipes of my events?
      The revenue of its events are stored in your wallet UpEvents. When you want and after you configure it, you can transfer the funds to your bank account with the click of a button. Without additional costs.
    • Fees are charged to transfer the funds from my wallet to my bank account?
      No, no transfer fees are charged by the UpEvents. Depending on your bank may charge you for bank charges.
    • I need to configure my wallet UpEvents?
      Embora possa vender bilhetes sem ter a sua carteira configurada, precisa de fazer upload dos seguintes documentos para poder transferir os fundos para a sua conta bancária:

      - Cópia do documento de identificação do responsável;
      - Comprovativo de morada pessoal do responsável (Fatura da água, luz, telecomunicações ou bancária);
      - Comprovativo de IBAN/NIB;
      - Para empresas, cópia do registo comercial/documento fundador da entidade.
    • How long does it take from the raising of funds in the portfolio until they are available on my account?
      Once the wallet is configured correctly, the term is approximately 5 working days.
  • Funcionalidades Avançadas

  • Administration privileges

    Collaborator Accounting Human Resources Author Editor Admin Superadmin
    See in own areas
    See in all areas
    Create in own area
    Create and edit in all areas
    Edit created by self
    Edit all in assigned areas
    Edit IBAN
    Certificates magagement
    See and export in own areas/created by self
    Manually add
    Edit Registration
    Delete participants on my own events
    Delete participants in my area
    Delete participants in all areas
    View, search, see user details and attributes and export
    Edit members ' attributes
    Import members using csv file
    Delete members
    View dashboard and general info
    View membership subscriptions and its details
    Manually add membership subscription
    Delete membership subscription
    Add memberships
    Edit memberships
    Bulk import of membership subscriptions
    Delete memberships
    View dashboard
    See, filters by payment type, etc.
    Manually approve
    See History
    Upload documents
    Checkout Transfer
    Venues and rooms
    Events areas and categories
    Members attributes
    Team management
    See team members
    Add team member
    Edit administration roles attributed to team member
    Delete team member (always equal or under)
    General configuration